Included with the photos are tidbits of information

as spoklen by each animal

Sample Page

"Natalie, Sean & I would like to thank you for the zoo animal book! Natalie LOVES it and we are still reading it every night before we go to bed!

Thanks again."

-Sean, Renae & Natalie

Wake Forest, NC

"A great little book, chock-full of wonderful photos and the kinds of tidbits kids will love. (Did you know turtles don't have teeth, or that toucans eat only fruit?) Like going to the zoo, but with your very own tour guide!"

-David Speranza

Editor, Bill Smith Studio

New York, NY

This hardcover book is a great child's introduction

to the world of animals.

A photographic essay on 15 of the world's most popular animals .

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The price is $15.95 (includes S$H)